The men and women who have served the Canadian Club as President continue to contribute to the success of the organization. We are pleased to welcome them to the advisory committee.

France Margaret Bélanger
Alain Benedetti, FCA
Madeleine Chenette
Francine Cléroux
Jacques E. Daccor
Umberto Delucilla, FCPA, FCA, CISA, CRISC, CRP

René Douville
H. John Godber
Russell A. Goodman, FCA
Hon. Céline Hervieux-Payette, C.P.
Anne-Marie Hubert, FCA
Eddie Leschiutta, FCA, CISA

François X. Manzanares
Clemens Mayr
Robert Panet-Raymond
James A. Robb, Q.C.
Madeleine Saint-Jacques
Jean-Guy Senécal, FCPA, FCA

Brigitte Simard
K. Warren Simpson, FCA
Denis St-Amour
Norman M. Steinberg, Ad. E.
J. Robert Swidler