Please note that the presentation will be in French.

The Québec economy is running smoothly these days, as evidenced by a number of economic indicators, and ÉTS is proud of the role it plays in this vitality, along with the contribution it has made to the economic and technological growth of the province over the past 40 years. However, the world is changing, and the changes are coming fast. In this age of the knowledge economy and the 4th industrial revolution, the strategic importance of our school’s mission – Engineering for industry – has never been more relevant. Québec is facing a critical shortage of engineers, an inadequate level of interest in engineering professions among women and a pressing need for more entrepreneurs and enterprises. In response, ÉTS is leading the way in terms of proposing concrete strategies for overcoming these challenges and helping Québec companies achieve success in a highly competitive sector. More than ever before, we must focus boldly on innovation as we move forward to secure our collective future, and ÉTS is committed to doing its part.