Please note that the presentation will be in French.

A veteran ‘China hand’ who recently returned to Montreal, Vincent Duhamel will share  insights gained from almost two decades as a top-level investment executive in Hong Kong, where he witnessed first-hand the ascendancy of China and other emerging Asian nations into economic powerhouses. He will address the crucial question of why Asia matters – or ought to matter – these days to Quebec and Canadian firms with global ambitions, including, of course, Fiera Capital. Should Canada and other advanced economies far removed from China’s vaunted ‘Belt and Road’ initiative be concerned for their collective futures, in the face of what many are calling the ‘Asian Century’?  Should we now be paying more attention to what is going on in Beijing, and be less fixated on events in Washington?  Perhaps most importantly, how can Canadian firms – and investors – go about capitalizing on this new world order?