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Rendez-vous with Richard Payette

Nov 12, 2018
From 12 PM to 1 PM

Location Hyatt Regency Montréal

Richard Payette, FCPA, FCA

President and CEO
Manulife Québec

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Fortune favours the bold


Richard Payette, FCPA, FCA 
President and CEO
Manulife Québec



12 pm – Welcome and lunch

13 pm – Speech

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Businesses can no longer dwell on their past achievements when the time comes to build their future. They must be bold in everything they do. Beyond leveraging technology, this means, above all else, changing attitudes at all organizational levels.

In a few short years, Manulife went from a traditional financial services provider to a digital business that constantly strives to exceed its clients’ expectations and give back to its community.

Richard Payette tells us how innovation is a means to transform the organization as a whole, its market positioning and its interactions with Quebec’s knowledge economy.

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