Pierre Pomerleau, ENG., MBA
President and CEO

Pierre Pomerleau holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the École Polytechnique de Montréal and a Master of Business Administration from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario. His career at Pomerleau began in 1989. From the start, he was involved in the management of the company, its real estate and manufacturing subsidiaries before succeeding his father, Hervé Pomerleau, in 1997, as President.
Mr. Pomerleau heads companies specializing in the construction of large-scale or complex projects, architectural woodwork and wind farms, all leaders in their respective fields. From the moment he became President, his new business vision led the company to tremendous growth and today, Pomerleau is one of Canada’s leading builders in the institutional, industrial, commercial, infrastructure and civil works sectors. Its sales have risen substantially, from $200M in 1997 to more than $600M in 2004, and then to over $2.1B in 2018. Today, more than 50 years since its founding, the company employs up to 4,000 people at its nine regional offices and more than 125 worksites across the country. Lump sum contracts which, in the past, accounted for over 80% of billing are now being substituted more and more by construction management contracts, as well as design-build and PPP contracts. Since 2004, Pomerleau has been recognized by Deloitte among Canada’s 50 best managed companies.
Mr. Pomerleau is active in several associations, including the World Presidents' Organization, the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal and the Cercle des Présidents du Québec, among others. He sits on numerous boards of directors.
Involvement in the community is important to Mr. Pomerleau both for him personally and for the company. He participates in numerous fundraising campaigns, and the company supports a large number of organizations in across Canada.
Mr. Pomerleau is a dedicated athlete and it is in this spirit that he sets a sportsspecific goal for himself that often benefits a charity.

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