1. The Undertaking of the Canadian Club

At the Canadian Club, we are committed to protect and respect the privacy of our members and visitors of our website.  This is why we have taken and will continue to take all the measures required to protect the confidentiality of the personal information that we have in our possession.

This Privacy Statement informs you about the situations in which we collect personal information, the purposes for which we use personal information, the measures that we take to ensure that the information is protected, how you may access personal information and the person with whom you must communicate if you have questions concerning our policies or practices.

We welcome favourably any comments your may have.  We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Statement at any time.  We will indicate on the Privacy Statement the date of the last modification.  We encourage you to read this Privacy Statement in order to understand the purposes for which we use the personal information provided by you.


2. What is personal information?

Personal information means information about an identifiable individual or personal information directly associated with an individual.


3. In what circumstances do we collect personal information?

We do not automatically collect personal information, except if it is voluntarily disclosed by a visitor on the website, with his consent.  The visitors of the website may consult the public sections of our website without disclosing any personal information.  The Canadian Club, however, reserves its right to collect information and proceed with the statistical analysis of the Internet traffic on its website for internal purposes.  However, the information collected does not permit the Canadian Club to identify any person or any personal information concerning the visitor.


4. For what purposes do we collect personal information?

In the course of our commercial activities, we collect and use certain personal information concerning our members in order to process requests, provide services reserved for members and understand your needs to better serve you.  Generally, we must use your personal information for the following purposes:

  a.     Confirm your membership status 
  b.     Process payments related to your requests as a member 
  c.     Comply with regulatory or contractual requirements related to products and services that we are providing


5. How long do we keep personal information?

Personal information is kept only as long as necessary for the purposes hereinabove mentioned.  When it is no longer necessary, we destroy, erase or make anonymous all personal information.  Legal compliance may require that we keep all or part of the personal information that we have in our possession during a longer period of time as would have been otherwise applicable in other circumstances.


6. Accuracy

In order to ensure that the personal information that you have provided is accurate, complete and up-to-date, we ask you to provide us with updated personal information and to inform us of any error concerning personal information in our possession.


7. Safeguards

We will continue to use safeguard measures to ensure the protection of personal information in our possession against any unauthorized use, access, communication, distribution, loss or modification.  Access to personal information will be limited to authorized personnel who need the personal information to exercise their duties adequately.  Moreover, the access will be limited to the information strictly necessary for the performance of those duties.


8. Access to Personal Information

Our members are authorized to access their personal information in our possession by providing us with a written request.  We shall usually respond to an information request within a thirty day delay except if, for reasons out of our control, a longer period is necessary and, in that case, you will be so informed.


9. Complaint

If you are not entirely satisfied or wish to comment on the present Privacy Statement or its applications, you may communicate with us by email to the attention of the Executive Director.  We will answer as soon as possible and will inform you, if applicable, of the measures that have been taken or will be taken to remedy the situation or include your suggestions.

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