Rendez-vous avec nos PDG

Replay - Event April 4, 2022

Location Palais des congrès de Montréal

Alexandre L’Heureux

President and Chief Executive Officer 

Rendez-vous with Alexandre L’Heureux


Alexandre L’Heureux
President and Chief Executive Officer




Future ready 
In his speech, Alexandre L’Heureux will talk about WSP’s trajectory, from past to future, and articulate his long-term vision for the company, inspired by WSP’s new Global Strategic Action Plan 2022-2024. He will also analyze the transformational market trends that will allow WSP to ensure our communities and our environment are future ready, thus creating a positive impact on the world. Following his speech, Mr. L’Heureux will discuss WSP’s perspectives with Stéphanie Grammond, chief editorialist of La Presse.


Event of April 4, 2022 


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