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Location Montréal

Chris Arsenault

Founding Partner
Inovia Capital

Rendez-vous with Chris Arsenault


Chris Arsenault
Founding Partner
Inovia Capital




Event of February 22, 2021

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Building Giants in our own Backyard
The Canadian tech ecosystem has reached a turning point and is currently booming. Within that framework, Quebec has much to offer: a favorable environment for innovation, a great source of talent, and political stability that give us a competitive edge internationally. In 2020, we witnessed major tech events including the IPOs for Lightspeed (NYSE) and Nuvei (TSX), Quebec-based companies that now have a multi-billion dollar valuation. What is in store for 2021 and beyond?

Join Chris Arsenault, Founding Partner at Inovia Capital. Through his vision, he has become a pillar of today's maturing Canadian and Quebec tech ecosystems. Through his decades of leadership and relationship building, Chris has built a unique team, and has developed an outstanding track record of identifying high potential companies early on, supporting teams as they scale, and managing paths to exit.




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