Rendez-vous avec nos PDG

Replay - Event May 16, 2022

Location Palais des congrès de Montréal

Émile Cordeau

Chief Executive Officer

Rendez-vous with Émile Cordeau


Émile Cordeau
Chief Executive Officer




Focus on disciplined growth
Chances are that many of you consume Agropur products, this Quebec’s flagship organization that will soon celebrate its 85th anniversary. The unique cooperative of more than 7,500 employees and 2,900 members, which operates in a competitive industry, has become the 16th largest dairy processor in the world. This speech by Émile Cordeau, Chief Executive Officer, will address Agropur's great resilience over the past few years, which culminated with the implementation of an ambitious turnaround plan. Nowadays, despite other obstacles to overcome, Agropur is resolutely looking to the future with confidence.

Please note that the presentation is mainly in French.


Event of May 16, 2022


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