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Replay - Event April 19, 2022

Location Centre Sheraton Montréal


Guy Cormier, Sonia Gagné et Geneviève Morin

Rendez-vous with Guy Cormier, Sonia Gagné and Geneviève Morin


Guy Cormier, MBA
President and Chief Executive Officer
Mouvement Desjardins



Sonia Gagné 
President and CEO



Geneviève Morin
Chief Executive Officer



The circular economy: a winning business strategy
The circular economy, a concept that is catching on in North America, is the way forward if we hope to speed up our transition to a greener economy. There are opportunities to rethink the way we use resources in all sectors of our economy. There is also a clear and strong desire to innovate faster.
How can businesses implement effective strategies that incorporate the circular economy into their business model? 

This panel discussion will be led by Laurent Therrien, account director at SYRUS and host of the business podcast "Pour votre info".

Find out more about the circular economy

Québec sans gaspillage : comment pouvons-nous, tous ensemble, accomplir cette transition?

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