Rendez-vous avec nos PDG

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Location Montréal

Sophie Brochu

President and Chief Executive Officer

Rendez-vous with Sophie Brochu


Sophie Brochu
President and Chief Executive Officer




Event of March 17, 2021


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Québec’s energy transition: A collective project We Quebecers are more motivated than ever to curb our GHG emissions and do our part to influence the trajectory of climate change. 
We are innovative entrepreneurs, after all, and we can figure out how to make the new green economy work for us, too.
Coupled the with the urgency to save the planet, our ability to position ourselves favorably in this disruptive context will have positive impacts on the acceleration of Québec’s energy transition. 
Hydro-Québec is eager to contribute to this acceleration. In addition to putting our green energy to use in existing and emerging fields in electrification, we plan on supporting the many complementary initiatives that will spring up by working together with entrepreneurs and other stakeholders. Our goal: to be a catalyst of possibilities for Québec’s economy.
Please note that the presentation will be in French.



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