Vincent Christ
Chief Executive Officer

Vincent Christ, CEO of ELYSIS, has distinguished himself for more than 35 years in the aluminum industry, especially during his time at Rio Tinto. Thanks to his strategic vision and his academic career in engineering, he brilliantly oversaw for several years the Technology and R & D organisations of the Rio Tinto aluminium sector. During his time at Rio Tinto he also oversaw large-scale investment projects and led various companies active in global equipment, materials and technology supply.

Now at the helm of ELYSIS, a partnership between Alcoa, Rio Tinto and the governments of Canada and Quebec, he works to further develop a new disruptive smelting aluminum technology that eliminates all direct greenhouse gas emissions from the smelting process and emits pure oxygen as its by-product. In addition to environmental benefits of carbon-free aluminum smelting process, the ELYSIS™ technology that is aimed to be commercialized by 2024 allows for improvements in occupational health and safety, reduction in capital intensity and operational costs, increase in productivity while eliminating carbon pricing mechanisms exposure of aluminum smelters.

Under the leadership of Vincent Christ, ELYSIS is on its course to provide a unique solution for a drastic carbon footprint reduction of many products of our daily life used in transportation, construction, electrical and consumer goods industries, and to start a real shift towards a more sustainable global aluminum industry.

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