Geneviève Biron
President and Chief Executive Officer
Biron Groupe Santé inc.

Geneviève has led Biron Health Group (BHG) with her heart and passion since 2014. With heart because the family business has been in operation since 1952. With passion because she is committed to leading innovation and economic development.

Geneviève held numerous positions prior to taking on the CEO position. Her initial posting as Director of Human Resources gave her a close look at the company’s key strength: its nearly 800 employees. BHG’s employees know they can count on Geneviève’s confident vision and leadership, because she has long made professional development and work-life balance a priority.

Geneviève believes that reaching one’s full potential requires effort, hard work and being in the right place at the right time. And it works, since BHG was named one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies for a fourth consecutive year. This seasoned entrepreneur has also been recognized many times for her strategic vision and progressive leadership style, winning the prestigious Mercuriades Award and PWC’s Business Transfer Award in 2018.

For Geneviève “innovating’ and “developing” are not just words. They are concepts that she brings to life at key times. She founded Imagix Medical Imaging clinics in 2005, a subsidiary operating in a challenging and specialized market that spearheaded BHG’s growth since then. Imagix has not only steadily increased BHG revenues, it also implemented innovative technologies and processes that are still unique in the Quebec medical imagery industry, making it a core company asset. Geneviève also brings that philosophy to her volunteer work on the boards of directors at Hydro-Québec and l’École d’Entrepreneurship de Beauce, where she is also a coaching entrepreneur.

The next few years look promising as well. Geneviève always aims to go further when rallying the BHG team to achieve what others think is impossible. Under her guidance the company intends to continue to grow and to foster a positive and innovative corporate culture.

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